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Enjoy steamy nights slowly exploring each other's bodies from head to toe with your fingers and tongues. No need to rush — objects of affection must be worshipped.

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Flirty, dual-action Geminis delight in a stern taskmaster to show her who's in charge. Try a little role-play: Maybe you want to be a naughty schoolgirl and get a little doggie style over a desk? Or you may even take on this role yourself and tell him he's been a naughty boy depending on which twin's in charge. Sweet, nurturing Cancers are the kinkiest of the signs, so no ordinary position will do.

Have your man in the standing position with your back against the wall and wrap both of your legs around him. And remember, Cancer is the sign of the crab, so don't be surprised if those little claws leave a mark.

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The great cat Leo wants to wrestle as she toys with her prey, so tell your man to bring his sense of adventure. Reverse cowgirl keeps you in charge, but add a little vibrator for double the pleasure. Humble, earthy Virgo likes it clean, simple, and with plenty of clitoral stimulation.

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Try missionary, but with a slight twist: Lie on the edge of the bed with your knees up and have your guy enter you diagonally. That way, you'll get maximum clitoral pleasure as well. Fair and balanced Libra is seeking equality in her relationship.

Your Horoscope for the Week of November 12

You love to give as much as you love to receive. However, with content consumption changing, it was apparent that the magazine needed to do more to engage new and loyal consumers elsewhere. One example of this is the RimmelKate15 campaign, which allowed consumers to enjoy a free makeover along with complimentary copy of Cosmo. While it might not own the audience there, by taking the time and effort to invest in creating unique and quality content, it has connected with an entirely new audience, and in turn, has been able to convert them into loyal readers of the magazine.

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As well as the areas of print and digital, Cosmopolitan has started to place more focus on events, as well as its commercial partnerships. Lastly, Cosmopolitan has also started to think about how it can extend its impact and actually make a difference in the lives of its readers.

In finding out more about young women who read its magazine, it recently discovered the fact that many are turning down first time job offers in London due to unaffordable rent prices.

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Walmart, the biggest retail outlet for magazines in the country, is banning Cosmopolitan from its front checkout counters and moving it to more obscure store locations where its racy cover Cosmo editor locked herself in closet during taping of magazine's show December 30, pm. The temper tantrum Hearst may be looking for new Cosmo editor-in-chief November 14, pm. Hearst may be readying another top-editor shake-up. Higher-ups have begun to quietly search for a new editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan, its most profitable title, sources are whispering.

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