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Uranus takes 84 years to circle the Sun, so you will never have a visit of Uranus to Taurus again. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience…. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Remarkably, with Uranus in Taurus, your appearance may change, and you may even change your name. In your work, Uranus can make you quite famous—so, if being well-known is a dream of yours, it appears that that goal is there for the taking over the next seven years.

Uranus is the natural ruler of your career, so you may start to shift the direction of your work. Being that Uranus rules electricity, you are likely to move closer to the digital world. Alternatively, you may develop more of an interest in politics, and you may want to volunteer to help a candidate succeed. If you are in sales, you may make big commissions, or if you write, a lucrative book advance may come your way.

If you earn your compensation on a performance basis, you will be on the road to wealth. If you work for others, you can now negotiate great company benefits. The Ordinary skincare will appeal to someone who is that level of organised, and someone who wants measurable results.

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Humanitarians, healers and dreamers, Aquarians want sustainable packaging, recyclable contents and no single-use plastics. REN Skincare have pledged to be a zero-waste brand by - and they make incredibly good skin products to boot. Pisces embrace lots of the best and worst of the star signs, being the last one on the list. But their artistic flare, gentleness and wisdom make Drunk Elephant, newly launched in Ireland, their ideal partner.

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Aries Bold, ambitious and audacious, the beauty product that most suits an Aries is a strong lip colour that is unapologetic in its intimidation. The image newsletter Receive the latest fashion news, beauty inspiration, shopping ideas and more straight to your inbox every day. Sign up. One moment please Beauty The ultimate guide to colour correcting under eye bags, redness, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Beauty The Irish Instagrammers making beauty look good. He is trustworthy, patient and tender when in love, always in search for a returned emotion.

He will not pick on subtle hinds and suggestive looks from those who flirt with him, being a bit slow on the uptake as if waiting for someone to ask them out. He dislikes artificiality of any kind, and values conversations filled with genuine statements, especially when it comes to compliments and love declarations. A Taurus man needs time to build trust and anyone on a chase for his heart needs to take the time earning it. As a person of very few words, he will seem impossible to penetrate at times, as if nothing can touch him.

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An invitation for a delicious home-cooked mean is always a safe bet when dating this man, as well as choosing a place that is comfortable and cozy, rather than popular or modern. Turned to nature and common thinking, he will see sex as something that comes when the time is right, rarely puts any pressure on his partner and feels like it is something to be enjoyed, not so much something to crave for.

A part of his fixed, static character is the potential inability to forgive betrayal, and he needs to feel truly safe to settle down with one partner for good. If you want to seduce a woman born with her Sun in Taurus, you will need to appeal to her sense of romance. Taurus women want to be courted and slowly seduced, even when they have already decided to enter a relationship with someone. They need things to move slowly, and will rarely jump into a sexual bond quickly and without thinking long and hard about her choices.

A Taurus woman longs for true love and security.

It is very unlikely that she will give into her desires and instincts quickly, and if someone wishes to have her heart, they will have to spend a lot of time and energy into the game of winning her over, making her feel comfortable. Once she falls in love she becomes affectionate, intimate, close and loyal, standing by her partner for as long as he is faithful to her. She has an eye for beautiful things and appreciates simplicity of fine things in life, so the way to approach her is through enjoyable shared moments, respect for privacy, fine food and a gentle touch.

Once she feels comfortable and secure with someone, she will happily and quickly give her heart without holding back.

Unique Traits That Define the Personality of Taurus Women

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