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Libra is a terrific match for Leo, as Libra loves to be spoilt and will adore Leo forever. Aquarius and Leo work well together in romance, although their shared stubbornness can be an issue. Gemini is also a good match for anyone with a lot of Leo in their horoscope. Sagittarius, the third and final fire sign of the zodiac is again different from the other two fire signs. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, adaptable, flexible and neither too concerned with starting things nor too concerned with maintaining them.

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Sagittarius has the optimism and passion of a fire sign, but is not as assertive as Aries, nor as arrogant as Leo. Instead, Sagittarius brings a fair minded playfulness and a lifelong restlessness to the fire sign triplets, and that has implications for Sagittarius horoscope sign compatibility.

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Of all of the fire signs, Sagittarius is the one which most fears commitment, because that may come at a cost to their precious freedom. However, Sagittarius is also the most easy going of the three, which prompts the start of many an enthusiastic Sagittarius love match. Libra and Gemini are light hearted, tolerant partners for Sagittarius too, but a relationship with a jealous Taurus or an overly sensitive, home loving Cancer could spell trouble. If you have questions about a fire sign relationship, an Astromatcha astrological compatibility chart will have all the answers.

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    Is that not what boxers do before a fight? Can the saying not have negative connotations? Where you and someone haven't been in agreement about a sensitive matter, it appears progress can be made.