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November 22

The influences which may be impressed on your personality from the sign preceding or following Gemini will never blot out your Gemini characteristics enough to turn you into a Taurus or a Cancerian. If you are born within 12 hours of the sun changing signs, then yes, the sun is technically straddling the cusp, but it can still only be in one sign at any given time.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Because zodiac signs begin and end on a different day each year—which is only complicated by taking time zones into consideration—many people including popular astrology writers and memelords do a bit of guessing as to when signs begin. This is completely un-astrological, as the basis of astrology is tracking the movements of the planets, not guessing!

You have an entire birth chart that maps every planet and not just the sun! And—try to stick with me here, since this is complicated astrology that cannot be expressed with a meme! Astrologers use a forecasting technique called progression, where each day after your birth correlates roughly to that year of your life.

For example, if there was a full moon 10 days after you were born, then when you are around 10 years old, you'll experience a major release around whatever the theme of that original full moon was. And if you were born 10 days before the sun changed signs, then by the time you are 10 years old, your progressed sun is entering the next sign.

NOVEMBER 22 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

If you were born at the tail end of a sign, like on the last day of Cancer, for example, then your sun will progress into Leo when you are about one years old, which will certainly leave an impact. Belief or use of cusps—in the sense that being born within a few days of the changeover makes you a bit of each sign—has long been a signal to practicing astrologers that the person using the term is a total novice or phony.

We cannot think clearly, the mind detaches and loses its objective footholds, sliding to fantasy land, daydreaming. Under this hazy landscape we may be the victims of misconceptions or be deceived. We have to be very careful in all matters that require precision of thought and clear judgment, and it is better to delay decisions till later. Jupiter is also conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon.

What The November 22nd Full Moon In Gemini Means For Your Love Life And Relationships This Month

Though the first aspect brings optimism, generosity, and enthusiasm, the opposition with the Moon, especially now that the moon is in a polarity that highlights our emotional needs, brings overwhelming sentimentality. Remember that under a full moon emotions are always tense. The Jupiter conjunct Sun enthusiasm in its heart entails an overestimated confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

A faith in us that may turn out to be just a result of cloudy judgment Mercury retrograde square Neptune , and that will make us not to know where we stop. We have to be careful not to be deceived out of sheer faith in the good intentions of others.

We must remember not to over emphasize our needs and be intolerant to others' views. In addition to this, Mars is also square to Mercury and square to Jupiter.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

It may even express with non-action, preferring to let things to take their own course. It is lack of will and indecisiveness towards specific action. As the apex planet of this T-Square, Mars is gathering the energy of the planets involved in the following aspects and possible manifestations of its energy are:.

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Mars from Pisces squaring the full moon is intense emotional charge without a clear outlet. It may bring passive anger that eventually manifests psychosomatically. The only aspect that can somehow clear the ground and bring focus and determination is Mars sextile Saturn.


The challenge of this full moon in Gemini is that it is a perplexed mix of wasted energy and exaggeration. While it highlights our need to communicate, our very message is something that becomes really difficult to come through, within the above landscape where clarity of thought and direction of will is lacking. It is thus important to remain focused.