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GCM summer camp registration begins on Jan. The summer camp day will run from a. There will be a special event during camp hours on the last day of every camp and parents are encouraged to join. Whether inside or out, GCM delivers fun in all facets of participatory learning. Camp schedule and prices are online. There Omoide no Mani in As a bonus for anime aficionados, audiences will also enjoy an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of Modest Heroes and the state-of-the-art animation work being done by Studio. Ponoc and its talented team artists.

Modest Heroes will be screened 7 p. For advance tickets or more information, visit the official Fathom Events website www. The official Studio Ponoc website is www. To state that the switch provides the series with a breath of fresh air is an understatement, but to state that the picture is in any way a remarkable achievement is absurd.

Say what?! The claim that Bumblebee is the first Transformers entry to display any heart is incorrect — indeed, the reason the film was watchable was because, under the auspices of hands-on executive producer Steven Spielberg, there was a measure of emotion to be found in the relationship between Sam Witwicky Shia LaBeouf and his pet Transformer, the lovable and bumbling Bumblebee.

Charlie comes across Bumblebee in his VW Beetle guise, and they quickly become besties. Knight and Hodson.

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Anytime a new film is set in that decade, out come the filmmaker quotes about how they worked hard to duplicate the magic of Spielberg and his Amblin efforts. But despite these additions to say nothing of the large lifts from E. Vice breathlessly covers Cheney played by Christian Bale from his pre-political days through his time in the White House, paying particular attention to his marriage to Lynne Amy Adams , his friendship with Donald Rumsfeld Steve Carell , and his duties under above?

President George W. Bush Sam Rockwell. Still, those who responded to the groovy wavelength of The Big Short as I did will find some value to this new film, and many of the comedic interludes work better than expected. Doors 6 p. A maximum of 20 acts will be chosen from the auditions by a group of professional judges.

Howes studied violin from the age of 5, performing as a soloist with the Columbus Symphony Orchestra by the age of He would later become an in-demand violinist on the New York scene, collaborating with a bevy of top-shelf jazz artists including Les Paul, with whom he worked closely for 11 years. Doors 7 p.

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In addition to its critically acclaimed works at home, Koresh has been hailed internationally as well, touring to destinations including Spain, Turkey, Israel, South Korea, Mexico, and Guatemala. Call us noon-5 p. Commerce Ave. This sleek, member group presents exciting and uplifting music to inspire patriotism and tell the Air Force story. From formal concerts in grand auditoriums to casual shows in the park, Rhythm in Blue is in constant demand traveling throughout the Eastern United States, performing for diverse audiences from Maine to South Carolina.

This is a free event, but tickets are required. To obtain tickets, call the box office to hold tickets at Will Call. High Point, NC There is a strict limit of four tickets per person. Doors 1 p. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. On Jan. What happened on the way stumped police investigators until March, reported The Washington Post, and on July 13 they made their findings public.

Images from a surveillance camera show Abrahamson walking out of his community at a. Just before 7 a. Police found no weapon, no signs of a struggle; he still had his wallet and phone. As for the balloon, investigators said it would likely have ascended to about , feet and exploded somewhere north of the Bahamas in the Atlantic Ocean. Metro News reported on Feb. Taisei Corp. The ad, which appeared in the Swedish magazine Amelia, invited women who. Linda Jean Fahn, 69, of Goodyear, Arizona, finally succumbed to a frustration many wives suffer. On Dec. She was charged with aggravated assault.

Police began seizing dark-colored vehicles in late December , and owners had to apply for permission to repaint and re-register them. Joyner credits his tantric training with helping him endure the degree temperatures inside the Barney suit. A woman claiming to be on a mission from God led a Kentucky State Police trooper on a chase at speeds up to mph on Feb. She also said that she had died six years ago. She was charged with several offenses and is being held in Hardin County. Many citizens of the world are weary of the war and strife that seem to be consuming the news, and nearly , of them have already signed up to put it all in the rear-view mirror by becoming citizens of Asgardia.

This coming-soon colony on the moon is led by Igor Ashurbeyli, a Russian engineer, computer scientist and businessman who was inaugurated as its leader on June 25 in Vienna. Universal Press Syndicate. Boise-to-Las Vegas dir. Big military counterstrike Author Loos Revolt Cloud setting.

Jazzy singer — James Coke, e. Pop-up paths Lariat end Coke, e. The Sportscenter Athletic Club is a private membership club dedicated to providing the ultimate athletic and recreational facilities for our members of all ages. Conveniently located in High Point, we provide a wide variety of activities for our members. We cordially invite all of you to be a part of our athletic facility, while enjoying the membership savings we offer our established corporate accounts. Visit our website for a virtual tour: sportscenterac.

The others were indifKatie Murawski ferent in celebrating the coming of yet another new year. Editor From a change in leadership in the House of Representatives and hurricanes that tore through North Carolina; to the loss of loved ones, beloved celebrities, and creation of new artwork and the birth of new life, was full of surprises.

To better prepare for this year, I asked some local psychics their predictions for She said she was born in a family lineage of Shamans, and she has been running Kindred Spirits N. Trade St. It looks like businesses, in general, are going to receive good news and so will any community endeavors that have been working hard over the past few years.

She said a victory of one of the parties will free-up financial resources for the nation and will be led by an individual who has new ideas about how things should work economically. This is based on various readings that have been done over the last few months. For more information, visit the Kindred Spirits website at www. Jaye Stevens, Psychic at Psychic on Trade Stevens said she has been a palm reader, astrologer, fortune teller, medium, and chakra healer for over 30 years and has been open at the Psychic on Trade shop N.

She said Psychic on Trade also offers various classes, metaphysical tools, and Raki treatment. Stevens said she has lived in Winston-Salem for 29 years and loves to help and give people foresight and insight into yes or no questions. She said she could see people flocking to North Carolina from all over including California and Washington. She predicts that the wine industry will expand in the Piedmont.

For more information, call Psychic on Trade at or stop by the shop. Jennifer Watson, Psychic at Terra Blue Watson describes herself as a clairvoyant, tarot reader, and a practicing Hoodoo witch. Watson said she is originally from Greensboro but left to go to college in Atlanta and just moved back three years ago. Elm St. As for her predictions for , she said she channeled information and did some readings with tarot cards. Regarding the weather, she predicts that there will be more snow to come to this area in January, much like what we saw in December However, she said there would be an early spring in March.

During our phone conversation, Watson picked tarot cards from a Major Arcana deck and also channeled what each month will be like for See sidebar Watson also did a tarot reading for major events that will happen in And then I added the card that showed me any kind of significant world event and the Justice card came out again. What that tells me is, especially as we go forward into election season for the year, the election results are going to shock us.

It reminds me almost of the same kind of energy that surrounded Obama when he came into office. It will be that type of shocking result. To get that done, you have to take the step first. Jennifer Watson, psychic and tarot reader at Terra Blue facebook. To learn more about her, visit jenniferlwatson. She said she discovered her abilities when she was 15 and has been doing readings ever since.

She said she has been reading at Terra Blue for 16 years and is considered the head psychic at the shop. She said she has a 78 percent accuracy rating, and she believes in tarot readings because she has seen it work. Walcer predicts that generally, will be uneventful besides what has been already happening since Her three-card spread for politics in was the Children card, Choices card, and Self-Reliance card. She said other countries would be offering guidance on how to move forward and reform, specifically in monetary terms.

Globally, she drew the Cycles card, Crossroads card, and the Famine card. She said the results of those lessons would present rewards in Her three-card spread for advice in was the Truth card, Danger card, and the Risk card.

She advises people to be true to themselves, make more logical rather than emotional choices, and to not take big risks in Madame Melinda does readings at Terra Blue on Fridays from 1 until 6 p. January is the month to declutter and make room for happiness and the transformations to come. February-Nine of Swords Watson said concerning world events; things would go into a downward spiral, especially since people started out the year with so much energy and optimism.

But many people have to understand that it is temporary, and to be prepared for it. She said they would start to understand and handle life in a different way and get back to optimism. She said people would start to reflect and review what has happened so far this year and re-evaluate events. She said new things would emerge and happen for the better, and that the government would change.

This is important because the major events will cause this change. She said it would be slight, but that people who are open to it would see. She said it would be quiet this month. October- Knight of Wands She said people would start to settle in their new selves and feel more powerful. She said people would start feeling better after everything that has gone on. December- Knight of Cups She said December would be emotional for people because of the events and energy of November.

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She said everything would calm down and settle into an understanding of what has taken place. It is going to be emotional, that is for sure. Hemp has a long history, and the recent change could create a revitalizaCharles Freeman tion of a resource that has been used in Contributor a variety of applications for centuries. The earliest known usage of hemp is from a piece hemp cloth found in ancient Mesopotamia dating back to 8, B. China is credited with the longest usage of industrial hemp, and was the first to recognize hemp could be used in making paper in approximately B.

Hemp rope is another age-old product with samples found in Russia B. Arabic word for cannabis as well as rope, given its resistance to salt water. Hemp was used throughout Europe and eventually found its way to colonial America. Farmers grew hemp from the Southern colonies through New England and Canada.

Clothing, ropes, bed ticking, and sacks were the most common products. In , the USDA published findings that show hemp produces four times more paper per acre than trees. Everything was going pretty well for hemp until the s. Due to its many uses, hemp became the target of a number of industries where it was a competitor of other resources. The cotton, lumber, and chemical companies all had a vested interest in eliminating hemp. Unfortunately, during that same time, Henry Anslinger had been appointed to head the newly formed Federal Bureau of Narcotics. In a quest to outlaw marijuana use, The Marihuana Tax Act of was passed, which taxed all cannabis sales, including hemp.

There was a slight resurgence of hemp production during. World War II, but this effort faded after the war. Drugs were tiered according to harmfulness and potential abuse. Interestingly, there was debate over which tier marijuana would be assigned, given studies that showed a disconnect between political opinions and research study results on the matter. Regarding hemp specifically, hemp contains less than 0. So, one could argue, hemp should not have been added to the list at all. Nevertheless, in the end, hemp was included along with marijuana on the Schedule 1 list of Controlled Substances along with heroin and LSD and has remained there ever since.

The most significant impact for hemp with the passing of the Farm Bill is that it removes industrial hemp from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substances List. This opens the door for hemp to be used as a resource once again. Even back in , Popular Mechanics wrote an article about how hemp could be used in 25, different products. The times have. This is basically the over-thecounter hemp-based product you can buy for conditions ranging from insomnia to sore muscles. In addition, hemp seeds are being used in moisturizing lotions and shampoos.

Companies producing these products have lived in fear of federal prosecution. While almost all states had pilot hemp programs, until the Farm Bill passed, hemp was still considered a controlled substance. This technicality made hemp producers at risk for federal prosecution. The new law abolishes that risk.

CBD products are one of the fastest growing trends even with the former legislative ambiguity; now that hemp production is federally legal. I expect this trend to grow even faster. Other provisions include interstate commerce and access to crop insurance for hemp farmers. The USDA will regulate hemp production, and producers will have to submit plans for approval either directly or through state agencies. Pay level for women makes no cents In the two years since Donald Trump was elected, women across the country have staged some pretty impressive rallies to make their voices heard.

They marched on Washington, they launched the Me Jim Longworth Too Movement, and this past November Longworth they elected a record number of their at Large own gender to local, state, and federal offices. Mission accomplished, right? Not exactly. Men in power who had sexually harassed or assaulted women were identified, fired, fined, tried, convicted, and otherwise disgraced for their behavior, while the rest of us guys. In North Carolina, women fare a bit better than the national average, but they still only earn about 84 cents for every dollar a man makes for doing the same job.

This, despite a number of laws that have been enacted over the years, should have fixed the problem by now. In , President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act at a time when women were making 59 cents for every dollar a man earned. The problem is that, initially, the EPA only applied to women in blue collar jobs. In , the Act was amended to cover women in white collar. In , I wrote a column about this very topic, and at that time, women in North Carolina were making 83 cents to every dollar earned by men.

One reason pay disparity still exists is that none of the three Acts addressed the problem of how we calculate equal work. The original EPA was structured so that a woman with a grievance had to file a sex discrimination claim, and prove that she was making less money than a man who was doing the exact same work. Their job descriptions may have been the same, yet she ended up making less money.

On top of that, she may hold the same job as a man, but if he was. North Carolina Agricultural Extension has a website for industrial hemp www. The website has a wealth of resources, and the agency is hosting a number of county events on the topic. Further, North Carolina State University is set to offer its first industrial hemp course in Welcome to our channel! PayPal is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. The 16th, you get what you want 2nd decan?

Enjoy the manna without delay before Jupiter leaves you as the only master on board from the 19th! The Third Week, The 18th, 1st decan pay attention to uncontrolled slip ups today where you are not immune to a clash with the authority in place. Your free monthly horoscopes Leo are just the tip of the iceberg. Posts about Leo written by Jo. Discover the future of your love life, career, and finances. General personality traits of a typical Leonine: Positive: Loyal and honest, house proud, lively, hospitable and generous, self sacrificing, responsible, takes others at face value, dignified and friendly.

That's fine and sensible as you appear to be gaining a more solid understanding of the right and wrong way to pursue it. I started to study Sublimation in the Great Work, whose Key is 11; then my Tarot reflection added up to 11 its apex! But of course … The addition sum of the Four Archangels whichever way round is bound to be 11, cosmic equilibrium, the Tarot midpoint.

Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, is the central sign of the fiery triplicity. You can also find there the links to the cards I use and my favorite energy healer. According to the Tarot advice for Leo in , the stress of personal and professional life will make Leos tense, nervous and even unmotivated.

Free trial for new customers: first 3 minutes free. Money horoscopes for Leo weekly appear on Monday and the monthly Leo money horoscope is released on the first of the month. At the present time do not have much creative energy; you are dedicated to construct a stone health, lasting and powerful to be able to confront new challenges, a new factory, and office or labor group, to be well mature when new professional determination appears.

Por lo que dicen y me han dicho, se supone que ellos son super inseguros, y si vos te alejas o les demostras que te pueden perder, lo pueden leer como que a ti tanto el no te importa!. Read your free Leo horoscope for today to get daily advice. Find clarity and know the truth now. Find out what today's Astrology will mean for Leo every day from Tarot.

At Ancient Origins, we believe that one of the most important fields of knowledge we can pursue as human beings is our beginnings. Consejos para atraer al ser amado. Donations are welcome at httpswww. Sayings of the Jewish Fathers Pirqe Aboth tr. Your love life is ascending. Moonastro provides a tool through which you can able to create Free Online Horoscope.

Aqui en Tarot Amigo ponemos a su disposicion una prediccion de horoscopo diario mensual y semanal. In Chinese symbolism, stones are connected with ying-yang energy. Tu portal de tarot y videncia. It is running long. Free from horoscopes. Most of these powerful cards have images of archetypal figures that represent the essence of a type of person. Stones also symbolize comfort, strength and patience.

I try to understand the meaning of it each time I see it but still nothing. Realiza ahora tu tirada de cartas de tarot y conoce que te depara el futuro en el amor, el trabajo y la salud. Accessibility Help. Dear Leo, this is your love tarot card for the day. The trick is to not need validation from Por lo que dicen y me han dicho, se supone que ellos son super inseguros, y si vos te alejas o les demostras que te pueden perder, lo pueden leer como que a ti tanto el no te importa!.

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  • With asteroid Juno facing off with nebulous Neptune across your financial axis, this may be a good time to discuss finances with your partner, especially if matters in this area need attention. When Gemini and Scorpio get involved, you might ask yourself how they ever fell in love. Manna Dey should choose a career which allows Manna Dey diversity in work and an opportunity for advancement, therefore discouraging Manna Dey from floating from job to job. But I truly believe that this has something to do with the world.

    Monthly horoscope is a huge amount of material covering 3 pages. You have an inherent love of initiating things Aries, and whilst offers rich possibilities for you to do precisely this, some strands of your situation are going to be about the consolidation of what you have been working on for some time. The first comment in the comment box below is from me. Las predicciones astrologicas y las influencia de los astros tienen repercusion en nuestras vidas. The December Pisces horoscope predicts that there are those days when you should be on the alert for potential trouble brewing, and the 1st is one of them.

    The question of what, or who, killed the Macedonian king has never been answered successfully.


    He wants the whole experience to be a mystical, magical carpet ride that takes them both out of the body and beyond. Astrology plays a part in your tarot reading: Leo is represented in the tarot by the Strength card, which represents characteristics such as courage and power that comes from emotional, physical, and mental strength. Todo lo que hagas sale adelante. The Two of Wands means it will be important for you to keep your balance in every way that you can — even to the mundane, boring things like eating right and getting enough rest.

    Each zodiac sign is linked to one of the Tarot cards in the Major Arcana. We address modern-day problems by combining practical advice with the timeless wisdom of Leo Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card. On July 22, the Sun enters Leo, the sign of the zodiac associated with the strength card of the tarot. Pisces Weekly Horoscope Tarot Card.

    Last year's Leo money predictions are still available. However for Pisces, the act of making love is like manna from heaven. The best by far. A short daily horoscope for Capricorn, advice and guidance to make your day go a little bit easier unique for your star sign. However, there is a lesson for both of them to be learned and a change to their approach to life to be implemented, so they can both be happier Horoscopes Aries 21 March - 20 April.

    Timing is everything when it comes to finances, and your Leo money horoscope helps you identify the best prospects today, this week, month and year Are you being swayed by fear, intuition or a gut instinct? Use these 4 simple tests to make the right decision, every time. With dreamy Neptune in retrograde motion in your romantic sector and Venus, the planet of love already in a nostalgic part of your chart before the Sun returned yesterday, this adds to the past's hold on you. Start learning tarot today.

    The Queen of Justice sits likewise at the heart of the Tarot Tableau see above with its Decision making is tough. Try, if possible, to control your aggressiveness and Dane Hart Tarot. Sections of this page. Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries. Los arcanos del Tarot. Before you go to work or pursue a job opportunity, get your Daily Career Tarot reading Starting each day with this Tarot reading is a terrific way to get psyched for all the possibilities - and avoid possible pitfalls.

    All content contained on the psychic leo. It is very readable. The most intense and focused of the horoscope signs, Scorpio energy helps us dive deep, merge our superpowers and form bonds that are built to last. So many people are talking about this defensiveness bubbling up, or feeling solitary, alone, battling, or a feeling of being protective, or on edge.

    Find out more about Buddhism's origins, doctrines, and the distinctive features of its major schools, to understand how Buddhism impacts our world. Gelb, A.

    Australia Uluru Rock 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Tribe Predictions

    You love success, and you will achieve it by any means so long as it is not illegal. Los horoscopos han sido consultados desde la antiguedad. I appreciate how they took care of everything and fought hard for me and got everything done. Leo Daily Love Horoscope. Leo Illustration, Kiki Ljung. In the first half of the day, you may have a hard time seeing the whole picture of a situation, dear Scorpio.

    They know that they are far better at organizing everyone else's life than they are capable of. Pisces December Horoscope Monthly Overview. Maisel TV Series — cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Una ayuda real gratuita para ti, Leo! Leo, with its majesty and golden mane, is ruled by the Sun, associated with the tarot card of the same name.

    Descubre ahora mismo tu futuro gracias al la tirada tarot Gratis. As a queer, adult adoptee, and witch raised in fundamental Christianity, I am working to reclaim ance You are required to submit full payment in advance to have complete access to Leo Brown, The psychicleo. And since Leo men crave the limelight, you can go for rings with solitaire diamonds or cuff-links studded with gemstones. What's in store for you in and ? Discover how others see you.

    Aumente sus posibilidades de lograr lo que desea en la vida, porque en sus manos existe la herramienta y el destino, la fuerza y el poder de lograrlo, y en sus palabras el poder de decidir su Presente y su Futuro. His work is prized by comic art collectors, and on the International comics scene Manara is regarded as one of the greatest comic artists alive today. The Rosary consists of beads, on which are recited one Creed, 15 Pater nosters and Hail Mary's. Disclaimer — The information provided in your Astrological or Tarot Consultation is subject to your own personal interpretation and the information provided does not constitute legal , psychological , medical or financial advice.

    The decans of the Leo sign natives born between July 23 and August 22 are: 1st decan: from July 23 to August 1, governed by Saturn and the Sun — In , the Leo natives need to do everything with a smile on their faces and it is a known fact that a month of hard work is followed by at least one day of real partying. No te preocupes Libra porque parece que septiembre viene cargado de buenas vibraciones. And while some people may seem content with the story as it stands, our view is that there exists countless mysteries, scientific anomalies and surprising artifacts that have yet to be discovered and explained.

    Devoted to ethics with some mystical touches, the Pirqe Aboth is distinguished for its transparency and Tattoo. A list of my personal favourite recommended Tarot readers on YouTube: the illest illuminator manna estelle Your free monthly horoscopes Leo are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn more about yourself and let the tarot guide you. Daily Tarot. Milo Manara is an Italian comic book artist and writer with a penchant for the erotic. Based on the May Capricorn horoscope predictions, you are a fighter who is not willing to back out no matter what.

    Emotional renewal is the name of the game today. Explore your chart with our unique astrology profile.